ultimag centrifuge

The Powerful Ultimag® Series

Johnson Electric’s Ultimag® rotary actuator technology offers a bidirectional, center return function not found in traditional rotary solenoids.

Substantially faster than other solenoids, the Ultimag platform can operate in an on/off mode or proportionally, in both open and closed-loop systems.

Ultimag® actuators also offer a 45° stroke; however, the design can have a maximum stroke of 160°. For shorter strokes, you can of course use electronic or mechanical stops.

The Ultimag® Series was developed in response to application needs for higher speed and higher torque motion control components. This technology is also ideal for applications requiring high speed and high torque motion control.

Ultimag solenoid exploded view illustration with parts labels

Ultimag Rotary Actuator Features and Benefits

  • Highest Speed
  • Capable of 5ms movement time*
  • Long Life: up to 100 million cycles*
  • No axial travel limits wear on mechanical linkages

Common Applications

  • High-Speed Industrial
  • Medical Devices
  • Business Technology

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