The Top 5 Trends In Medical Device Manufacturing In 2019 And Beyond

As the owner or operator of a medical device company, your livelihood hinges on your ability to set yourself apart from your competitors. Developing strategies to maximize product quality while minimizing the time required for a device to hit the market is essential to gaining a strong foothold in the medical device arena. Below is a look at some of the current trends in the medical device industry and some of the key ways that Johnson Electric is helping medical device companies establish themselves as industry leaders.

What are some current trends in the medical device manufacturing industry?

Trends in the medical device industry are in a constant state of flux. Today’s fastest growing medical device companies are continually introducing new strategies and techniques to help them maintain an edge over their competitors. Louis Columbus, Principal of IQMS, highlights the following five tech trends that are fueling innovation and growth within the medical device industry:

1) Integrate business intelligence (BI) and analytics with quality management (QM) and compliance systems

Nearly half of top performing medical device manufacturers are already integrating their BI and analytics with their QM and compliance systems. This trend promotes growth by improving workflows and promoting shared ownership of product quality. This trend also allows for swift adjustments if variations in product quality are detected.

2) Introduce mobile technologies to bolster device production

The overwhelming majority of fast-growing medical device companies use tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices for interdepartmental communication and to facilitate product inspections. This strategy bolsters inspection processes and product quality, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

3) Employ real-time monitoring and cutting-edge analytics to streamline supply chain activity

This trend is used by device companies that are focused on identifying the factors that are the greatest influence on their Cost of Quality. Key decisions related to suppliers and production are monitored and tracked to ensure that product quality and gross margins are both maximized.

4) Use analytics to monitor compliance, quality control, and customer metrics

Most of today’s high-performing device manufacturers are passionate about using analytics and BI applications to predict future trends for their companies. In this way, they are able to develop a road map for future growth and gain an edge over their competitors.

5) Adopt track and traceability across production networks

Improving supplier visibility and component quality is a top focus for medical device companies, with nearly 80 percent of high growth companies now featuring real-time tracking and traceability. The ultimate goal of this measure is to gain insight into the variance in product quality across vendors.

What is the common thread among the latest medical device trends?

While the five trends above may seem to be distinct, they share a commonality that today’s most successful startups are considering in their product launches. They promote a hyper-personalized consumer experience that elevates forward-thinking companies to stardom in the device industry. Many of the medical device companies that are thriving today manufacture their products to reflect three key points:

  • Facilitating a device’s journey from idea to market
  • Emphasizing the importance of build-to-order over build-to-stock
  • Promoting direct interaction with the consumer

How is Johnson Electric fueling innovation in the medical device industry?

As an ISO-certified and FDA-compliant company, Johnson Electric is a trusted industry resource for medical device manufacturers across the globe. For 60 years, Johnson Electric has provided customized solutions that enable medical device companies to emerge as leaders in innovation. Here are just a few examples of how Johnson Electric’s product technology is fueling innovation in the medical device industry:

1) A State of the Art IPS Drive Platform for Insulin Pumps

A coreless, brushless motor technology was the inspiration for Johson Medtech’s IPS Miniature Drive Platform. This miniature drive for insulin dosing pumps features a tiny precise planetary gear system and an integrated position sensor. These two elements combine to offer higher resolution, consistent torque, and superior product reliability compared to other pumps on the market.

2) Sophisticated Solenoids

Johnson Electric offers Soft Shift linear solenoids that offer a combination of precision and flexibility required in today’s medical systems. Using this type of solenoid helps to prevent patient leakage or contamination that pose a threat to devices with tubes carrying bodily fluids.

3) A Precise Subsystem for High Viscosity Medication Dosing

Dosing precision is essential when administering hormone therapy treatments and other treatments that feature highly viscous medication fluids. Johnson Medtech took the lead in responding to this need for high force and accuracy by developing a miniature dosing subsystem for high viscous fluids. The system is controlled within ±1.5μl to offer superb accuracy and is designed to be used with today’s portable medication delivery devices.

4) Miniature Medication Dosing Systems

Today’s medical devices are increasingly portable, requiring the smallest motors and sensors. Johnson Medtech offers a miniature medication dosing system that features a tiny geared motor, an optical sensor, a displacement sensor, and an optional force sensor. This system design is effective in preventing dosing inaccuracies in the most compact medication delivery devices.

5) Advanced Point of Care Device Solutions

Johnson Medtech is a worldwide leader in the development of custom motion and switching solutions for manufacturers of portable diagnostic devices. Examples include oxygen analyzers, dialysis machines, critical marker analyzers, and protein monitors. Johnson Medtech also provides switches and circuitry for electric hospital beds.

The Bottom Line

The medical device industry is continually evolving, requiring device manufacturers to respond to the latest industry trends in order to secure a position as an industry leader. Selecting a dependable partner to help you maximize productivity and profit through innovative solutions is essential to maintaining an edge over your competitors.

As outlined above, the team at Johnson Electric offers an extensive range of circuits, solenoids, switches, and customized platforms designed to help proposed medical devices make a rapid transition from idea to market. We invite you to contact us at Johnson Electric to discover how we can help your medical device company adapt to the latest trends and consumer demands. We look forward to serving as your trusted resource for all of your medical device components.

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