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A Solenoid’s Place in High Speed Parcel Processing

January 20, 2020

Authored by: Cody Link

Rising Shipment Rates

With the ever-increasing E-Commerce market, parcel sorting will be a number one priority. It is estimated that packages being delivered by conveyor will reach up to 16 billion this year, and this number doesn’t include internationally, which will run up to around 87 billion packages.

With industry juggernauts like Amazon now providing not only two-day shipping, but now doing one-day shipping and delivering perishable foods this requires shippers to further automate their processes which need faster machines in order to keep their lines running efficiently and in line with customer demands.

Cities feeling the pressure of increased delivery traffic are opening up new, smaller warehouses that are needed to store the massive amounts of packages that need to travel to specific areas. These new warehouses will need parcel and sorting equipment that require high-speed sorting capabilities.

In order to cut down on the number of shipments, retailers like Amazon and Boxed Wholesale, which is an online startup, try to condense as many items in a single shipment as possible. This may not be the best solution going forward though as UPS and FedEx are increasing their fee rates by lowering the threshold for weight charges starting this year. A drop from 70 pounds to just 50 pounds will force retailers to ship more individual packages in an effort to avoid be charged high delivery fees.

Invest in Accuracy and Processing

The world is shifting to fully automated systems which can increase package processing power by up to 70%. This will also eliminate errors and will increase the scalability of automated conveyor processing because it doesn’t rely on man-powered staff during peak seasons. A smoother end to end process is necessary and will create complete transparency in the shipping process.

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How Solenoids are the Ideal Solution

solenoid for conveyorThe shipping industry is taking ideas and data from high-speed mail processing which sends items on a high-speed conveyor to scan for delivery addresses and sort them appropriately. This is where the high actuation speed of a solenoid comes into play. Depending on the speed at which the packages are moved you may only have 20 to 40 milliseconds to successfully divert the parcel to the necessary bin or separate conveyor system which may need to further divert parcels. Our BTA line of solenoids only needs milliseconds to successfully divert a package to its appropriate location with minimal effort and zero downtime. Also with the silent operation and long life, with over 100 million actuations per solenoid, it is a perfect solution for sorting at high speeds.

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