AC Laminate

High Force with the AC Laminate Series

September 3, 2021

AC Laminate Linear Solenoids from Johnson Electric have a T-shaped laminated designed plunger and laminated steel frame.

This platform has the unique ability to hold a hefty load, although with quiet operation. To minimize the humming or chattering of most AC solenoids, we machine the contact surfaces of the laminated frame and plunger to provide an especially smooth and flush contact surface.

Our Super-T Laminates are products developed following years of engineering, research, and manufacturing experience.

AC laminate solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

Features and Benefits

  • 10,000 Cycles
  • Exceptionally High Force and Stroke Compared with DC

Common AC Laminate Solenoid Applications

  • HVAC
  • Business Machines
  • Industrial Equipment

This platform is available in various frame sizes with a variety of plunger and coil arrangements; consequently, this platform is ideal for most very high force AC applications.

For further information on the AC Laminate Series, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

SoftShift air damper

The Smooth Actuation of the SoftShift Series

August 27, 2021

Johnson Electric’s SoftShift linear solenoids provide slow, especially smooth position control or high-speed snap-action operation.

SoftShift solenoids have a unique construction that allows easy transition from snap action to variable positioning. Using the same power, the starting force is three to five times higher than standard solenoids at the fully de-energized position, which is advantageous for starting inertial loads or detent mechanisms and conserving electrical power.

This solenoid offers quiet operation, high power density, and also a variety of sizes. Custom engineered solutions additionally ensure that exact application requirements are met. With a life of 10 million cycles, the Soft Shift® platform is especially ideal for applications requiring closed-loop velocity and position control.

Softshift solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

SoftShift Features and Benefits

  • Life of 10 Million cycles
  • Slow, Smooth Motion or Snap Acting
  • Can fit tight size restraints
  • Quiet Operation (65dBA)
  • Built-in Return Spring
  • Dual Shaft Extensions for Pull or Push Use

Common Applications

  • Impact sensitive applications
  • Medical Equipment Lock

For further information on the SoftShift Series, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

low profile solenoid

Compact Size with the Low Profile Solenoid Series

August 20, 2021

Johnson Electric’s Low Profile Linear DC Solenoids offer an extremely compact design which optimizes the magnetic flux path for maximum force versus stroke characteristics.

The construction of the plunger assembly provides an auxiliary flux path which consequently permits a significant increase in force.

The reliability and high performance of the low profile design also make it an ideal choice for applications in which consistent, reliable operation is critical.

Low profile solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

Features and Benefits of the Low Profile Series

  • Extreme temperature applications (up to 200°C, in fact)
  • Forces up to 190 lbs
  • Can fit tight size restraints

Common Applications

  • Pumps
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Instrumentation and testing equipment

For further information on the Low Profile Linear DC Solenoids, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

ultimag centrifuge

The Powerful Ultimag® Series

August 13, 2021

Johnson Electric’s Ultimag® rotary actuator technology offers a bidirectional, center return function not found in traditional rotary solenoids.

Substantially faster than other solenoids, the Ultimag platform can operate in an on/off mode or proportionally, in both open and closed-loop systems.

Ultimag® actuators also offer a 45° stroke; however, the design can have a maximum stroke of 160°. For shorter strokes, you can of course use electronic or mechanical stops.

The Ultimag® Series was developed in response to application needs for higher speed and higher torque motion control components. This technology is also ideal for applications requiring high speed and high torque motion control.

Ultimag solenoid exploded view illustration with parts labels

Ultimag Rotary Actuator Features and Benefits

  • Highest Speed
  • Capable of 5ms movement time*
  • Long Life: up to 100 million cycles*
  • No axial travel limits wear on mechanical linkages

Common Applications

  • High-Speed Industrial
  • Medical Devices
  • Business Technology

For further information on the Ultimag rotary actuator, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

rotary solenoids

Versatility of the Rotary Series

August 6, 2021

Johnson Electric is the world leader in Rotary Solenoid technology. Rotary solenoids are electromechanical devices that convert linear motion to rotary motion by virtue of three ball bearings that travel down inclined raceways.

How Rotary Solenoids Work:

When the coil is energized, the armature assembly is pulled towards the stator and rotated through an arc determined by the coining of the raceways.

Our 3 Ball Race rotaries are capable of withstanding a high G load shock without worrying about accidental actuation thanks to the uniquely designed helical raceways and tri-ball bearing setup.

Our standard design is capable of -55°C to +80°C ambient temperatures and the high-temperature design is capable of up to 200°C.

These extremely high-speed actuation devices provide very long-life operations for the most challenging applications.

Features and benefits

  • High Durability up to 50 million actuations
  • Large variety of sizes
  • Custom engineering for environmental and torque requirements
  • High-Shock Resistance
  • High-Temperature Resistance

Common Applications

  • Door Locking
  • Machine Vending
  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment

For further information on the rotary solenoids series, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

Rotary solenoid illustration, de-energized and energized Rotary solenoid exploded view illustration with parts labels

STA Super Tubular Actuator

Long Life with the STA Series

July 30, 2021

Johnson Electric’s extensive tubular solenoid platform provides high force for short stroke applications; it is, therefore, ideal for applications requiring long life and high reliability. We construct our Super Tubular Actuator (STA) technology with low friction system bobbins, ensuring life up to 25 million actuations.

The customizable Super Tubular Actuator platform is available in various sizes in both push and pull engagement. This also makes them well-suited for lock/latch operations.

The STA Series provides high resistance to shock and vibration to withstand extreme ambient conditions. They are additionally available in magnetic latching versions.

STA (Super Tubular Actuator) solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

STA Features and Benefits:

  • Strokes up to 1.5”
  • Built-in air gap spacer maximizes life while minimizing cost
  • Magnetic Latches
  • Rated at 25 Million Cycles
  • 7 Pull and Push Models
  • Easy nose mount installation also requires no additional hardware

For further information on STA technology, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

BTA - Brushless Torque Actuator

Extreme Speeds with the BTA Series

July 23, 2021

Johnson Electric’s BTA or Brushless Torque Actuator platform offers high-speed controllability in rotary stroke applications needed in material handling, valve control, high-speed shutter control, among others.

With a single-phase coil, stator bases, and a matching rotor pole, the design allows for a stroke of up to 45 degrees.

Since BTA technology does not require full stroke actuation, this product provides a much quieter operation due to the soft, shock-free cycling, eliminating the noise associated with end-of-stroke mechanical stops. With proper controls and application damping, it is possible to achieve exceptionally low dB levels.

The BTA product family is ideal for high-speed, high throughput diverting and sorting applications that require low noise and zero downtime for maintenance.

With the BTA series running at extremely high speeds, it works best in applications that require millisecond actuation speeds.

BTA (Brushless Torque Actuator) solenoid illustration with parts labels

Features and benefits

  • High Durability up to 100 million actuations
  • Fast Actuation Speeds with 10 millisecond actuation times unloaded
  • Near Noiseless Actuation
  • Optimized for torque and speed performance

Common BTA Applications

  • Material Handling
  • Sortation
  • High-Speed Shutter Control
  • Valve control
  • Fail-Safe Control

For more information on the BTA line family, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

open frame solenoid

Open Frame Series Solenoids

July 1, 2021

Johnson Electric’s linear open frame solenoid technology is among the most convenient and efficient options available.

Open frame solenoids are the most economical of all the solenoid types and are typically selected for applications in which extremely long life and precise positioning are not critical.

This platform consists of an open iron frame, an over-molded or taped coil, and a movable plunger in the center of the coil.

These types of solenoids are available in either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) versions.Read More

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