STA Super Tubular Actuator

Long Life with the STA Series

Johnson Electric’s extensive tubular solenoid platform provides high force for short stroke applications; it is, therefore, ideal for applications requiring long life and high reliability. We construct our Super Tubular Actuator (STA) technology with low friction system bobbins, ensuring life up to 25 million actuations.

The customizable Super Tubular Actuator platform is available in various sizes in both push and pull engagement. This also makes them well-suited for lock/latch operations.

The STA Series provides high resistance to shock and vibration to withstand extreme ambient conditions. They are additionally available in magnetic latching versions.

STA (Super Tubular Actuator) solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

STA Features and Benefits:

  • Strokes up to 1.5”
  • Built-in air gap spacer maximizes life while minimizing cost
  • Magnetic Latches
  • Rated at 25 Million Cycles
  • 7 Pull and Push Models
  • Easy nose mount installation also requires no additional hardware

For further information on STA technology, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

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