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Why Solenoids are Used in Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment

From securing hotel room locks to controlling airflow in medical devices, solenoids are found in almost every product we use daily. As technology evolved over the years, medical devices designed with solenoids became increasingly popular. Without this crucial design element, the functionality of medical and diagnostic equipment would be haphazard at best.

Below is a look at the factors driving the increase in these products and the key factors for device manufacturers to keep in mind when designing lifesaving equipment.

Lifesaving medical devices featuring solenoids

Many of the critical lifesaving devices used to diagnose and treat patients include solenoids in their design. They are essential devices found in most hospital intensive care units.

Here are a few examples of medical devices manufactured with solenoids:

  • Ventilators
  • Fluid Analyzers
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Centrifuges
  • Spine Adjusters
  • Tissue Punctures

Additionally, solenoids are also used within larger imaging devices, such as MRI machines.

Why do medical device manufacturers use solenoids?

Hospitals and medical centers are under growing pressure to keep up with the latest technology while remaining within budget. With their durable design, efficient operation, and affordable price tag, solenoid devices are an attractive option to help hospitals achieve both goals.

As automation-hungry healthcare organizations fill their diagnostic areas and intensive care units with solenoid-driven medical equipment, manufacturers are following suit.

Because solenoids are incredibly reliable, medical device manufacturers find that the number of device failures is minimized. As proven repeatedly, using a solenoid is the simplest way to implement quick, linear motion with a substantial amount of force over a small distance.

Why choose Johnson Electric?

Since 1959, Johnson Electric has provided a wide range of customized solenoids ranging from soft shift linear DC solenoids for medical fluid analyzers to smaller open frame linear solenoids for blood pressure monitors.

Our premium range of motion solenoids includes the following:

Contact Johnson Medtech to discover why medical device manufacturers across the globe turn to us for the highest quality solenoids. Whether you specialize in ventilators, patient monitors, or another type of diagnostic equipment, we have an extensive array of solenoids to fit your application. We look forward to becoming your long-term solenoid provider!

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