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The Push for Remote Diagnostics

The Public Need for Remote Healthcare

Before the most recent concern of highly contagious diseases, healthcare and technology providers recognized the need for remote diagnostics.

With the extenuating circumstances of the most recent outbreak, there is an even bigger demand for at-home healthcare and screening in attempt to limit in-person interactions between patients, doctors, and staff members.

Remote diagnostics, or at-home screening, allows doctors to monitor the patients’ temperature, heartbeat, ECG, blood pressure, and more from a remote location.

The same technology could also be useful to patients who are immobile, have difficulty traveling, and live in rural areas.

Additionally, this technology would free up necessary medical supplies, like hospital beds for critical patients, personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as reduce hospital bills for patients.

Remote Diagnostics

The Tech that Makes It Happen

Advancing technology has miniaturized even the most elaborate of machinery that wasn’t thought possible before.

Recently, a company in India developed an extremely accurate ECG instrument that is the size of a keychain. This provides a viable alternative to buying a large and costly machine that isn’t needed.

Entities like Care Hub are already pushing to release kits to those who are self-isolating or can’t go into the doctor’s office. These kits come with all the technology necessary for at home monitoring.

Many hospital networks are now pushing Telehealth visits, virtual video chat appointments with patients and doctors, versus in person screenings that increase risk for doctors and other patients.

Other companies like Masimo are creating single use monitoring devices that connect to an app which guides patients through a series of questions regarding their symptoms. These devices are sent out in a multi-day supply. After completion, the results are sent to clinicians to help coordinate the patient’s needs.

Remote Diagnostics

Where Johnson Medtech Comes In

Johnson Medtech creates custom printed circuits that are used in single use vital sign monitoring devices.

Our technology has been adapted to be waterproof, extremely thin, and comfortable to wear. With a global footprint we have the economy of scale for any order and can deliver it using our logistic network.

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