• White Smart Lockers With Electric Security Code Locks On The Door

    Overview of Smart Lockers

    June 10, 2020

    Modern retail spaces and work environments are becoming increasingly dependent on smart technologies to help them stay organized and operate efficiently. One such innovation is the implementation of intelligent locker systems for the secure and convenient storage of packages and personal items. Solenoid locks are an essential element of many smart locker solutions as they allow for the electronically-controlled locking and unlocking of doors. Here, we will discuss the many benefits associated with upgrading from traditional lockers to smart lockers. The Limitations of Conventional Lockers While smart locks are a relatively recent technology, most people are familiar with the various … Continue reading Overview of Smart Lockers

  • Remote Diagnostics/Telemedicine. Doctor With A Stethoscope On The Computer

    The Push for Remote Diagnostics

    May 18, 2020

    The Public Need for Remote Healthcare The Tech that Makes It Happen Where Johnson Medtech Comes In Johnson Medtech creates custom printed circuits that are used in single use vital sign monitoring devices. Our technology has been adapted to be waterproof, extremely thin, and comfortable to wear. With a global footprint we have the economy of scale for any order and can deliver it using our logistic network. For more information please contact us.

  • Red Semi Truck; solenoids in semi trucks

    Your Guide to Solenoids in Semi-Trucks

    May 15, 2020

    Even though solenoids are found in many household items such as washing machines, dishwashers, doorbells, sprinkler systems, they are most known for the roles they play in allowing automobiles to run smoothly. Many car enthusiasts know of all the different solenoids found in cars and trucks, but how about in semi-trucks? Semis are much larger than standard vehicles and therefore house a greater number of solenoids than traditional vehicles. It takes many components to make trucks operate properly, decrease emissions, and increase efficiency. Solenoids are an important component of semis. Let’s take a different look at the different kinds of … Continue reading Your Guide to Solenoids in Semi-Trucks

  • Big Green Sport Snowmobile Jump. Cloud Of Snow Dust; powersports

    Powersports Vehicle Manufacturers and Starter Solenoid Suppliers: A Symbiotic Partnership

    April 27, 2020

    People everywhere in the U.S. are enjoying the great outdoors. As a result, the number of consumers buying ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercrafts continue to grow. The demand for powersports vehicles is projected to expand from $11 billion in 2018 to $14.5 billion in 2025. With the prospect of so many buyers taking to the trail and the lake with their vehicles in the next several years, powersports vehicle manufacturers have good reason to rejoice. The reliability of these vehicles is key to customer satisfaction, so a robust electric starting system is important. Most powersports vehicles are powered by internal … Continue reading Powersports Vehicle Manufacturers and Starter Solenoid Suppliers: A Symbiotic Partnership

  • Tired Truck Driver In His 30s Resting In Front Of His Semi-truck

    How Johnson Electric solves Truckers’ Top 5 Frustrations with Semi-Truck Solenoids

    March 6, 2020

    Solenoids may be the most important part of a semi-truck you’ve never heard of before. Even those with decades of experience in the trucking and manufacturing industries may not know the important role a solenoid plays in the daily life of a truck driver. Any driver who has been out on the road for long, though, will be very familiar with the solenoid and the role it plays in getting them and their cargo from Point A to Point B. Understanding and overcoming those frustrations can lead to happier drivers as well as more efficient deliveries. Here are five common … Continue reading How Johnson Electric solves Truckers’ Top 5 Frustrations with Semi-Truck Solenoids

  • unscheduled downtime

    The True Cost of Unscheduled Downtime Due to Electrical Equipment Failure in Your Warehouse

    February 11, 2020

    Modern warehouses and distribution centers rely heavily on their electrical equipment. This machinery helps move products from the shelf to the shipping area. The more efficiently that movement happens, the lower your costs are, and the better your bottom line. But when that electrical equipment fails, that unscheduled downtime can translate into significant losses for your company. According to The Manufacturer, 46% of unplanned downtime is due to hardware failure and malfunction. That means the operational integrity of your electrical equipment plays a significant role in both the productivity and profitability of your warehouse. The real costs of unscheduled downtime … Continue reading The True Cost of Unscheduled Downtime Due to Electrical Equipment Failure in Your Warehouse

  • package theft; shadow of a thief before packages piled up in front of a door

    Porch Pirates Creating Product Opportunities

    February 10, 2020

    Where’s My Package? With e-commerce on the rise and not planning to slow down anytime soon, the need to protect shipments is becoming an industry in its own. According to Shorr Packaging, out of over a thousand people who were surveyed 24% had personally experienced package theft. This number does show a nearly 7% decrease over the past two years; but it still amounts to billions of dollars lost for companies like Amazon who typically will ship replacement products. That means not only does the retailer pay for the products stolen; they also pay the shipping and logistical costs to … Continue reading Porch Pirates Creating Product Opportunities

  • Sales Manager Showing Electric Cars, Charging Station To A Young Couple

    How the Hybrid and Electric Cars Segment is Growing

    February 4, 2020

    Electric and hybrid vehicles are, in many people’s view, the way of the future. According to Mordor Intelligence, the hybrid vehicle market is likely to increase by 10.23% between now and 2024, with the most significant growth being in Asia. Hybrid and electric cars are growing in popularity as gas prices rise, government incentives are put in play, and environmental concerns become more important. The following factors are driving the growth of the segment: Increased Range The range of electric vehicles and the electric-only range of hybrids continues to grow. Although not everyone can afford a Tesla with a range … Continue reading How the Hybrid and Electric Cars Segment is Growing

  • Charging Electric Vehicles; Silver Color Car. Charging Station

    Growth in the Market for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    January 28, 2020

    Electric vehicles (EV) are not new to automotive markets. Beginning with the automaker giant, Tesla, other OEMs have supercharged their efforts in bringing affordable, reliable, and safe electric vehicles to the masses. Many inventors, entrepreneurs, presidents and automakers have been fascinated with the transfer of electricity in some form or another. The earliest commercial use of electricity to power an electric vehicle was exhibited in an experimental train; it ran briefly between Washington and Baltimore (about 40 miles) in 1851. Although that experiment ultimately failed, we take note at the progress we’ve made over the last 170 years. As the … Continue reading Growth in the Market for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  • solenoid conveyor

    A Solenoid’s Place in High Speed Parcel Processing

    January 20, 2020

    Authored by: Cody Link Rising Shipment Rates With the ever-increasing E-Commerce market, parcel sorting will be a number one priority. It is estimated that packages being delivered by conveyor will reach up to 16 billion this year, and this number doesn’t include internationally, which will run up to around 87 billion packages. With industry juggernauts like Amazon now providing not only two-day shipping, but now doing one-day shipping and delivering perishable foods this requires shippers to further automate their processes which need faster machines in order to keep their lines running efficiently and in line with customer demands. Cities feeling … Continue reading A Solenoid’s Place in High Speed Parcel Processing

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