• Material handling & robotics: Articulated robotic arm at packaging line in factory

    Robotics in Material Handling

    May 5, 2021

    What to Expect? Benefits of Robotics in Material Handling/Why Use Robotics? Which Material Handling Robot Is for Your Business? Big and Small Material Handling Bin Picking The Future of Material Handling Material Handling and Robotics go hand in hand, quite literally! The inclusion of tending systems and automated robots has become quite common in the industrial sector. It works with robotics arms moving the products on and off the conveyor belts during the material handling process. In the increasingly competitive landscape, this allows you to streamline the repetitive tasks with the utmost ease. Anything needing shifted from Point A to … Continue reading Robotics in Material Handling

  • Kia, Interior of modern car. Side door buttons under pink neon color: window, mirror adjustment buttons, door lock. Car interior.

    How Solenoids Make Automotive Doors More Secure

    April 7, 2021

    How Solenoids Make Automotive Compartments and Door Locks More Secure Solenoids are used in the automotive industry to make effective locks and latches. The solenoid’s plunger connects to a latch that locks or unlocks when the system is activated with an electric current. The electromagnets are turned on and off through the supply and withdrawal of current. The electromagnet pulls the plunger in to unlatch, and when removed, a fail-safe spring re-engages the lock. How Solenoid Automotive Locks Work Solenoid automotive locks use remote controls to release tough doors by just pushing a button. The door lock can be monostable … Continue reading How Solenoids Make Automotive Doors More Secure

  • Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt. Parcels transportation system, Conveyor system relying on solenoids

    How Linear Solenoid Actuators Work in Package Distribution and Transport

    March 3, 2021

    In 2019, the conveyor system market was valued at $7.73 billion. It is expected to reach up to $10.07 billion by 2025. The growth behind conveyors is pushed by the growing need for manufacturers and industries in different fields to make smarter use of labor, technology, and equipment. Various industries, including automotive, food processing manufacturing, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, and even airports, rely heavily on the efficiency of conveyor systems for fast and safe transportation of packages and parts through the different stages of production and processing systems. With the growing demand for supply, it’s easy to see why manufacturers … Continue reading How Linear Solenoid Actuators Work in Package Distribution and Transport

  • Exhaust duct and ventilation equipment in EVAP system outside of industrial building against blue sky background; role of solenoid valves in indoor air quality

    How Solenoids Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

    February 3, 2021

    Solenoid valves are electronic devices used to control the flow of gases or liquid through a system. The electromagnetic device replaces manual valves and allows users to automate their system. Solenoid valves can be used in indoor condenser systems to control the temperature while cooking. More advanced solenoid valve systems provide reliable airflow while reducing the humidity levels. Solenoids are used to control the indoor air quality in other spaces such as bathroom exhaust fans and specific electronics in designer kitchens. All these applications leverage the ability of solenoid valves to work in a wide range of condenser systems. Temperature … Continue reading How Solenoids Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Woman regulating heating temperature with a modern wireless thermostat; solenoid valves creating modern homes

    Top 13 Ways Solenoids are Creating the Modern Home

    January 6, 2021

    A solenoid is a mechanical device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. It consists of a coil, a housing, and a moveable device called an armature or a piston. When the device is switched on, magnetic fields activate the coil enabling it to draw in the armature. When power flows through the coil, it induces a strong flux that pulls the piston. The use of electromagnets allows the device to be switched on and off. Electromagnetic solenoids are ideal for making automatic valves and switches. Solenoids have many modern home applications ranging from washing machines to dryers, stoves, and … Continue reading Top 13 Ways Solenoids are Creating the Modern Home

  • Open Frame Solenoids

    Demystifying Open Frame Linear DC Solenoids

    November 3, 2020

    Comparing and contrasting open frame linear DC solenoids with other types of solenoids Linear solenoids are an intricate part of our everyday life. They are used in locks, cars, vending machines, and most of the equipment and appliances we use daily. There are several types of linear solenoids in the market, these include tubular solenoids, latch solenoids, and open frame linear solenoids. Each is designed to better deliver on the needs and functions of different applications. Open frame varieties are the least understood of the group and, in most cases, are confused with tubular solenoids, while they are a very … Continue reading Demystifying Open Frame Linear DC Solenoids

  • Porch Pirates during the pandemic; illustration of a pirate composed of cardboard box packages

    Porch Pirates and the Pandemic

    October 7, 2020

    Following on from our previous article on porch pirates, we look at combatting a growing trend fueled by the problems of our modern world A Follow-Up With the current state of the world, such as social distancing and sheltering-in-place, e-commerce is more relevant than ever. With the influx of online orders, big brands like Amazon and Walmart are stretching their logistical networks to the extreme to fill a demand typically forecasted during the holiday season. Of course, with the increase in home deliveries, thieves are taking advantage of the situation to plunder more packages. In fact, in a span of … Continue reading Porch Pirates and the Pandemic

  • Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology; manufacturing trends 2020

    Manufacturing Trends of 2020

    September 2, 2020

    There is a feeling of uncertainty in the manufacturing world right now. Both the intermediate and long-term future of the sector will revolve around one thing: the manufacturing trends happening in 2020. With that in mind, manufacturers need to pinpoint the kind of developments to look forward to this year. Manufacturers we work with share that enhancing their operational efficiency is most critical during this time. We look at the top manufacturing trends to keep track of in 2020. We will also cover expected challenges, and how you can run your manufacturing business in the most agile way possible. Top … Continue reading Manufacturing Trends of 2020

  • wearable medical device - insulin pump

    Case Study: Wearable Medical Devices

    August 5, 2020

    Wearable Medical Devices – Explaining When to use Printed Circuits Johnson Medtech developed a process to allow surface mount components to be applied to the polyester substrate to create a waterproof circuit, which resulted in an extremely thin and conformable product. When making a medical wearable with a large surface area, printed circuits are the natural choice for three reasons: The ability to print instructional graphics on the surface gives it the impression of it being a finished medical product without extensive coverings. Printed circuits are an additive process, where silver ink is applied to the polyester substrate. The subtractive … Continue reading Case Study: Wearable Medical Devices

  • Intensive Care Emergency Room With Artificial Lung Ventilation Monitor; Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment

    Why Solenoids are Used in Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment

    June 24, 2020

    From securing hotel room locks to controlling airflow in medical devices, solenoids are found in almost every product we use daily. As technology evolved over the years, medical devices designed with solenoids became increasingly popular. Without this crucial design element, the functionality of medical and diagnostic equipment would be haphazard at best. Below is a look at the factors driving the increase in these products and the key factors for device manufacturers to keep in mind when designing lifesaving equipment. Lifesaving medical devices featuring solenoids Many of the critical lifesaving devices used to diagnose and treat patients include solenoids in … Continue reading Why Solenoids are Used in Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment

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