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Porch Pirates Creating Product Opportunities

Where’s My Package?

packages left on porch; watch for package theft!With e-commerce on the rise and not planning to slow down anytime soon, the need to protect shipments is becoming an industry in its own. According to Shorr Packaging, out of over a thousand people who were surveyed 24% had personally experienced package theft. This number does show a nearly 7% decrease over the past two years; but it still amounts to billions of dollars lost for companies like Amazon who typically will ship replacement products. That means not only does the retailer pay for the products stolen; they also pay the shipping and logistical costs to transport the package to you.

With thousands of packages disappearing from porches every month, many people believe that delivery companies aren’t doing their share to prevent package theft. Some even go as far as changing their online shopping habits to avoid their products being snatched in broad daylight. Police are also having trouble catching criminals, with some police departments reporting only 7 percent arrest rates.

Taking Action

Being proactive with purchasing is the primary method to prevent parcel theft. The popularity of the Ring doorbell, a home security doorbell that records movement in front of your door and is owned by Amazon, seems to be a great preventative. These doorbells paired with the private social media app Nextdoor, which is a forum to post neighborhood information that includes thefts, are being used to catch and deter potential thieves.

package being scanned; package theftAnother route consumers are using is alternative delivery options, such as picking up packages at separate locations. This has led to a boom of activity in the smart locker market. Customers need an easy and secure way to pick up their packages without the need for an attendant.

Smart lockers allow delivery people to drop off packages that require specific codes to unlock after being deposited. Amazon themselves have debuted the Amazon Hub Locker as their own solution. As of right now, they have less than 10,000 lockers, but plan on evaluating thousands of prospective locations every month coming this year. Companies are even creating smart locks and lockboxes for your home deliveries, though they can run well over 100 dollars.

How Johnson Electric Plays a Role

 As a top provider of motion solutions, Johnson Electric has technology capable of supplying a solenoid to fit any locking need. Our new B7 solenoid is able to be a quick drop-in replacement without needing added tools to install. Also, with its forward-thinking nail head plunger design it is able to eliminate the need for extra attachment hardware.

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