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Open Frame Series Solenoids

Johnson Electric’s linear open frame solenoid technology is among the most convenient and efficient options available.

Open frame solenoids are the most economical of all the solenoid types and are typically selected for applications in which extremely long life and precise positioning are not critical.

This platform consists of an open iron frame, an over-molded or taped coil, and a movable plunger in the center of the coil.

These types of solenoids are available in either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) versions.

  • AC offers the convenience of operating at line voltage and additionally eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply or bridge rectifiers. AC solenoids experience inrush current due to inductive reactance. This inrush current allows for very high force at long strokes despite not having to design in a “Pick and Hold” or PWM circuit.
  • DC solenoids typically use lower voltage and thus require no UL certification. Furthermore, running off of DC eliminates the characteristic “buzz” of AC solenoids caused by 60/50Hz signal. They are also less complex in design as they do not require the separate shading coil and are thus more cost-effective solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Durability up to 5 million cycles
  • Greater interchangeability
  • Mounting Capability
  • Magnetic latching versions available
  • Magnetic latching versions produce less heat and also work well with battery power

Common Applications

  • Locking
  • Sortation
  • Ice Maker
  • Beverage Dispensing
  • Valve control
  • Printers
  • Coin dispensers
  • Vending

For further information on the open frame solenoid series available from Johnson Electric, contact our office to speak to one of our sales representatives.

Open Frame Solenoids in Two Popular Styles

open frame

Our Open Frame Solenoid technology offers an economical design for high-volume applications, continuous or intermittent duty, and on/off operation. This technology additionally offers life up to 5 million cycles and various size, force, and stroke options.

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