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Overview of DME’s (Durable Medical Equipment) and Treatment Equipment

Electromechanical solutions are revolutionizing emergency healthcare these days, which is especially relevant given the current crisis. Here’s some information about electromechanical medical equipment, including a few ways that Johnson Electric’s solutions are making a huge difference.

What is DME? The ‘”DME” term refers to any kind of equipment that can be used to increase health or quality of life. This term is relevant to insurance such as Medicare, since insurance may pay for an electromechanical item that can help with care, including insulin pumps, for example.

The term is most often used to describe equipment that is needed regularly to preserve life. The “durable” part refers to how the machine needs to be able to handle use daily without breaking down. So, in the case of a ventilator, which is highly relevant for the current COVID-19 crisis, it needs to be durable enough to continually provide oxygen directly into a patient over a long period of time without suffering any kind of failure over a significant duration.

These terms have some overlap, however. Both refer to similar pieces of equipment such as infusion pumps, oxygen concentrators, and nebulizers.

Examples of Relevant Medical Equipment and How They Transform Healthcare

Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps deliver fluids directly to a patient’s body, this could include nutrients and medications, for example. These electromechanical devices are crucial to health care because they offer a lot of control regarding the rate and duration of infusion, making it so that they work in a large variety of situations based on the type of pump.

Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps are another type of device that has revolutionized the way people live. Diabetes used to be a much more difficult condition to live with than it is now. These pumps allow patients to keep their blood sugar within the safe range. Staying in this range means that patients feel better, but it also helps them avoid long-term complications which can severely reduce their quality of life, such as heart disease, kidney failure, or even something like blindness. The equipment makes use of a computer chip to deliver the insulin when it’s needed.


Nebulizers are pieces of medical equipment which allow professionals to deliver medication right into someone’s lungs. It uses liquid medicine to create a fine mist that someone can then inhale through a mouthpiece of a face mask. Again, these are critical for COVID-19 patients since this malady involves an infection of the lung, which is precisely where medicine needs to be delivered. These devices save many people’s lives during crises like this one.


Ventilators, also known as oxygen concentrators, move oxygen into a patient’s lungs when they aren’t able to breathe by themselves. Generally, modern ventilators use a computer chip as well, to deliver oxygen when a patient isn’t breathing on their own. Instead, the lungs are inflated by this machine at the proper rate. These machines are the sole reason why COVID hasn’t been much worse than it has.

They are so critical to survival during maladies which affect the lungs that there is currently a massive shortage of them in many areas across the world, including, at various times through this crisis, New York City.

Medication Delivery Equipment

This designation is also going to overlap a bit with other terms, because it refers to equipment which can deliver medication to the body through different means, including through the mouth, under the skin, intravenously, through the inhalation of vaporized liquid, and other means as well.

At Johnson Medtech, we have several different pieces of medical equipment that help with this. In particular, we have auto-injectors that are part of an overall auto-injector system where medication can be delivered automatically. In fact, our auto-injector systems can be completely customized according to whatever the relevant specifications may be.

We also make pumps and valves for inhalation systems, as well as needle insertion and retraction systems.

Getting Started

Given the durability, flexibility, and powerful life-saving abilities of these types of emergency medical equipment, it’s of particular importance that you find a company that makes the highest quality for each.

For more information about how Johnson Medtech can help you with your emergency medical equipment needs today, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us now. The faster you contact us, the faster we can help you.

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