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How Linear Solenoid Actuators Work in Package Distribution and Transport

In 2019, the conveyor system market was valued at $7.73 billion. It is expected to reach up to $10.07 billion by 2025. The growth behind conveyors is pushed by the growing need for manufacturers and industries in different fields to make smarter use of labor, technology, and equipment.

Various industries, including automotive, food processing manufacturing, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, and even airports, rely heavily on the efficiency of conveyor systems for fast and safe transportation of packages and parts through the different stages of production and processing systems. With the growing demand for supply, it’s easy to see why manufacturers are turning to conveyor systems to streamline and speed up their processes.

Applications of Conveyor Systems

The functions of conveyors differ depending on the field and specialty of the manufacturer is using them:


In the automotive industry, conveyors move parts down the assembly line. At times, the parts weigh several hundred pounds, which calls for a sound conveyor system and components capable of handling the weight. Most automotive facilities will have conveyors of several sizes to haul different parts.

Food processing

Food processors are large consumers of conveyor systems as well. Unlike the conveyor systems in the automotive industry where the primary function is moving heavy loads through the assembly points, in food processing, conveyors mainly help to speed up the production and make handling processes safer and hygienic.


The manufacturing industry also relies on conveyors to move products through the various production points in the factory. The systems move everything from the packaging to bottle tops along the line to ensure efficiency, speed, and accuracy.


In airports, the sole purpose of conveyors is to move the luggage from the cargo hold of the aircraft to the carousel. These conveyors consist of belts and rollers that keep the bags moving without breaking the items in your bag.

Paper and printing

Despite digital media, there’s still sufficient demand for print media. Conveyor systems are a staple here as well. They play a critical role in turning pulp into different types of paper, pressing out the moisture, and even feeding individual sheets into printing machines and moving the stacks through the facilities into the packaging station.


Conveyor systems also make up an essential part of pharmaceutical processes. Conveyor applications in this field include compressing pills, sorting, grouping, rejecting and transferring, high-speed bottle feeling, and blister packing.

The Driving Force behind Conveyor and Packaging Systems

There is more to conveyors and packaging systems in production lines than meets the eye. Rotary and linear solenoids make a critical part of the big conveyor belts and packaging machines you see.

Known for their adaptability and long-life, solenoids are the unsung heroes of every automated plant.

Solenoids for Packaging

Solenoid are mainly used in packaging to release, shut off, dose, distribute or mix products.

The use of solenoids in packaging allows for precise and quick measurements of various products. Two types of solenoid valves see routine use in packaging. Each one has unique features to match its environment and requirements.

Solenoids in Transportation

Solenoids form a crucial part in the movement of goods and parts mainly through conveyors. These intricate systems require simple solenoid solutions to transport cargo through various distances effectively.

  • Airline conveyors — Solenoids help airline linear conveyor belts correctly navigate luggage through the extensive system to the intended destination. The solenoids help in moving, stopping, and in the switching of the conveyors.
  • Warehouse conveyors — Like in airport conveyors, solenoids move the belts carrying cargo to various parts of the warehouse. They serve as clutches and actuate the gears while moving heavy equipment and machinery quickly and efficiently.

Solenoids work in different types of conveyors systems like linear, step, and spiral conveyors allowing manufacturers to bridge various conveyors, move products up or down, or load boxes and finished products into trucks.

Quality Solenoids for all Transport and Packaging Applications

Even though small, solenoids are a vital part of a more massive and more elaborate system that drives every factory. We offer a premium range of motion solenoids for different automation processes in various industries.

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