AC Laminate

High Force with the AC Laminate Series

AC Laminate Linear Solenoids from Johnson Electric have a T-shaped laminated designed plunger and laminated steel frame.

This platform has the unique ability to hold a hefty load, although with quiet operation. To minimize the humming or chattering of most AC solenoids, we machine the contact surfaces of the laminated frame and plunger to provide an especially smooth and flush contact surface.

Our Super-T Laminates are products developed following years of engineering, research, and manufacturing experience.

AC laminate solenoid, exploded view illustration with parts labels

Features and Benefits

  • 10,000 Cycles
  • Exceptionally High Force and Stroke Compared with DC

Common AC Laminate Solenoid Applications

  • HVAC
  • Business Machines
  • Industrial Equipment

This platform is available in various frame sizes with a variety of plunger and coil arrangements; consequently, this platform is ideal for most very high force AC applications.

For further information on the AC Laminate Series, contact our office to speak to a sales representative.

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